Faith of the Mountain: High School Series Book Four: Science & Technology, Morality, Church




Many people see science and faith as irreconcilable. These lessons begin by presenting the question “Can a scientist believe in God?” and continue by presenting topics from physics, biology and psychology (courses the students will take either in high school or college), with the Catholic viewpoint explained. The final lesson, Faith and Technology, asks students to critique the increasing importance of technology in our society.

The Morality Section presents five lessons on moral principles, such as integrity, and five lessons n specific areas of ethics, such as business ethics. Quotations from the Catechism of the Catholic Church appear in the margin to elucidate points made in the text. Each lesson has an opening reading from the Epistles, to make the students aware that moral questions have been at the forefront of Christianity since the earliest decades. There are ample activity sheets to assist in their understanding themselves and Christian morality. Included in the activity sheets are interviews with Maronites presenting the importance of faith in their lives.

In the Church section, the students learn about the spread of Christianity in the early centuries and the Orthodox and Protestant churches. The section ends with the lessons, “The Maronite Church,” which offers salient aspects and a brief history of the Church, and “On Being a Maronite Christian,” which invites the students to think about their role in the Church.
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