Faith of the Mountain: High School Series: Book Three: Marriage, Spirituality, Art & Literature




With the Catholic Church’s firm belief in the sanctity of marriage, it is imperative to present this topic as part of our catechetical program. The lessons begin by introducing the idea of a healthy self-love that is rooted in a relationship with God, followed by a lesson on romantic love, and lessons on marriage and children. The final lesson is “Single Life,” for those considering a religious vocation or a single lifestyle.

The Spirituality Section begins with lessons on the Trinity, and continues with lessons on faith, hope and love, interspersed with lessons on contemplative, reflective, and daily prayer. The final lesson, “Life in the Spirit,” addresses the need to cultivate a sacred worldview in order to remain firmly planted in the Christian life. An opening reading is offered for each lesson from John’s gospel, Jesus speaking at the Last Supper. These words are the most beautiful in scripture and are presented here in an effort to draw the students into a spiritual relationship with Christ.

One aim of the entire series is to show the students that our faith is much more than simply going to church. In this section the students see that Christianity has been a major influence in art and literature throughout the ages. They are introduced to some of the masterworks of Christian art and music, and to the enduring themes of art and literature that reveal so much about human nature. The final lesson presents Maronite art and architecture.
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