Faith of the Mountain: High School Series: Book Two: Religion, Theology, Non-Christian Religions




In order to prepare for the Theology section, the section on Religion asks the students to consider the broader issues of a definition of religion, the value of religious symbols, the distinction between the secular and the sacred, and the role of religion in America. In an attempt to diminish any interest in religious cults, the final lesson describes cults in general, and using three of these, contrasts their beliefs with Catholicism.

The Theology Section presents the 10 major themes of Maronite Christian Theology, beginning with “Incarnation,” as that belief influences all others. Narratives from the New Testament are included in almost every lesson, connecting theology with scripture. In reading the parts of the narrative, students can imagine the feelings of those who were alive at the time of Christ, and can gain an interest in reading scripture. Theology is connected with liturgy through the photograph captions-phrases from the Hoosoyee of the Maronite Liturgy–and the suggested opening prayer which is from the same Hoosoyee.

The students are exposed to many different religions in the United States. Having studied their own theology, the section on Non-Christian religions offers the students a chance to learn about three major world religions, in a Christian context. In the concluding lesson, the beliefs and practices of these religions are contrasted with those of Christianity.
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